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Overvold Chiropractic Clinic
Peter M Overvold D.C.
2106 Ne 47th Ave
Portland, OR
Ph1: 503-282-7581

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 Overvold Chiropractic Clinic 
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About Our Practice
We have a traditional chiropractic office with an emphasis on soft tissue work as an adjunct to manual (by hand) adjusting. We use myofascial release techniques and transverse friction techniques (fancy words for deep muscle work). These are designed to help guarding muscles relax and helps to restore the natural rhythym of the muscles acting on any joint. We treat extremities (massage & adjusting) as well as the spine. Exercises are prescribed to support the corrections that are made and helps to prevent future problems.

Manual Adjusting
X-ray Examination
Full Spine
Automobile-related injury
Work Injury

Whiplash injuries are injuries to the cervical spine caused by an abrupt jerking motion of the head, either backward or forward. The movement to the body in that split-second may cause long-term damage. The weight of the body resists the impact and remains essentially motionless but the weight of the head atop the highly mobile neck snaps forward placing severe strain on the delicate mechanisms of the neck and upper spine. In the case of whiplash, the doctor will make a thorough examination, including the use of x-rays and clinical laboratory tests. Following evaluation, they will make the necessary delicate spinal adjustments to correct any misalignment of vertebrae, also alleviating pinching of nerves or constriction of blood supply to the body.

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M-W-F 8-12, M-W-Thurs 2-6

Driving Directions
Half a block south of Sandy Blvd. on NE 47th Avenue. There is a light at the corner of 47th and Sandy. You can exit the Freeway (84) on 43rd (if going West) or on 39th (if going East).

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